Trendsetting Furniture from Widerview Village

Widerview Village was the result of a lack of sites geared to homeowners and gardeners. The year was 1996 and the internet was just beginning to be considered a potential venue for selling products. We believed that there should be a place online that would specialize in selling high quality furnishings for home, kitchen & garden. At the time, few believed that you could sell furniture, kitchenware, tableware or specialty gifts online. Let alone, high quality specialty store goods. Most of the online retail sites at the time sold discount and closeout goods, few sold trendsetting furnishings.

With this in mind, the concept of a virtual village filled with online specialty stores selling everything from French made copper cookware, tableware and hand-forged ironwork furniture to English pottery and Scottish kilts was born. Slowly the shops in the Village emerged, each one with a special theme. The “Lost Moose Mercantile” offered rustic lodge style furnishings, “UrbanScapes” sold high style modern loft style furnishings, “Brambles Cottage” offered charming “Cottage Style” furnishings for home & garden and “The Natural” contained subtle home accents with a luxe feel….matelasse, solid brass, hand-forged ironwork and more. As each new online store opened in Widerview Village, shoppers came to discover a place where they could find just about anything they needed to furnish their dream homes, gardens and kitchens as well as delightful and unique imported and domestic gifts. Gifts so unusual even hard to buy for people would be pleased!

A year after opening Widerview Village in 1996, the business was incorporated as Widerview inc. A privately held corporation, Widerview inc. is still run by people like yourselves, who love to garden, cook and feather their nests with comfort and style. Our corporate business office is located in the Petaluma historic district within walking distance of the Petaluma River.

Today, Widerview Village is a rapidly expanding online business with a faithful following. Every one of our online stores carries a carefully selected range of distinctive, high-quality and unique items. One often heard phrase is, “I love the unique products you sell in your online shops. I can’t find them locally but it is comforting to know I can just go home, get on my computer and there they are!”

Around every corner in Widerview Village, you’ll discover something unexpected, yet familiar. Your mind will be tempted to wander back to your childhood, or to your Grandparents stories of friendly village life, a place you wish you could visit, and now you can. And all the shops in this particular Village are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Something even Grandma couldn’t have imagined happening in her day!

Whether it’s an authentic Italian outdoor cucina, a richly outfitted English picnic hamper or solid brass bathroom hardware, Widerview Village hand-picks each product, with an eye for quality, workmanship, durability and customer satisfaction. Our products are all built to last, and sometimes outlast your own generation. Example: our real, Italian made, solid stainless steel hand operated pasta machines. These are the same machines still used in the Italian countryside today. This is a Village unlike any other, filled with products of classic authenticity and superb design, affordable pricing and an abundance of whimsical and unique gift ideas.