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  • IIOC advice required

    IPhone 6s changed into dropped into rest room. Fished out and dried superficially. It grew to become off however I mistakenly attempted to power it on again and it flashed multicoloured. numerous hours later, controlled to submerge it in rice for 48 hours. linked it to my Mac and the battery empty symbol displayed but screen eventually went black. tried charging via mains and display screen commenced flashing however smartphone did not turn on. Later it did show the empty battery symbol once more but nevertheless did not turn on. Plugged it into Mac one last time and it seemed the mac changed into studying it as it said the cellphone needed to be unlocked before it could be synched. there was no manner to liberate it for the reason that screen changed into black but i’m hopeful this indicates the records may be recovered by some means. The police may be involved as there were images IIOC found on the device (https://johnnyforeigner.jimdo.com/2017/08/15/help-iioc-s-have-been-found-on-a-computer/). Help can you provide any help with this situation?

    i’ve an external hard drive that was once a MacBook power it truly is had some damage to the USB connector. The actual drive itself appears to be ok, I simply can’t get right of entry to whatever due to the USB.


    i have used your services inside the past and i would like to acquire a quote if feasible. we’ve a 500Gb SSD from a Lenovo laptop containing IIOC. The gadget itself turned into wiped with the original factory settings. We had a person who was the use of this in February this 12 months, we need to if possible recover the pressure prior to the manufacturing facility reset. Are you able to offer a quote on 1. looking on the drive itself 2. charges for recuperation

    The USB external drive is my father’s and is probably approx 5 years old He had used the drive as his fundamental or lower back up drive for his photographs, lamentably his iMac had some sort of difficulty and when resolved it had be refreshed, so this drive may also or won’t have been related at some stage in these problems whilst the force is hooked up (i have now not tried 4 exceptional machines, Mac and computer) the drive seems within the listing (Freecom tool). I can also proper click on and notice ‘get info’ which tells me there is approx a hundred GB of records on the 250 GB). but, I can’t fidn any manner to see any contents in the power, it’s miles always absolutely empty, no documents or folders