More Celebrities and Electronic Cigarettes

Since the beginning of 2011, more and more celebs have made it known that they are making the switch to vaping from smoking, and this trend appears to be gaining steam. The combination of credible scientific evidence backing up the claims that electronic cigarettes are safer than inhaling real cigarette smoke and the increase in public smoking bans across the United States is proving to be a potent combination in helping people to finally make the switch – and the good news is that it is saving lives. The more celebrities and e cigarettes we see, the more popular they become.

Polls estimate that nearly 3 million people have opted to make the switch to e cigarettes now, and this is double the number of people that were vaping at the same time last year. Even though this seems like a huge increase, the reality is that only 4 out of 10 people have still even heard of electronic cigarettes. With Blu Cigs commercials being broadcasted nationally, it just makes sense to think that many millions more will soon be feeling healthier and enjoying the freedom that vaping provides.

Nearly one half of people who smoke are still inconvenienced by being forced to sneak around just to take a drag since it has been outlawed in their neighborhood restaurants, bars, and workplaces. Not many places have an e cigarette ban, and this freedom is persuading even the heavy duty smokers to check them out. We see a lot of popular celebrities smoking e cigarettes when they are away from work, and this is more than just advertising.


Last month, we saw Charlie Sheen puffing on a an e cigarette in an airport in Canada, and he even likes the freedom of vaping so much that he is now selling his own brand of e cigs. David Letterman has made many appearances on national television vaping publicly, in places from his studio to right on the set at NBC. Other popular e cigarette smokers like Katherine Heigl and Hayden Panetierre make no bones about making the switch, and Johnny Depp says it is a clear indication that someone has status and is important. One common idea seems to be appearing in Hollywood with regard to e cigarettes – people there think they are smarter and healthier for giving up smoking. Check out the full article on Vaping in Hollywood.

The Huffington Post had this to say about the trendy electronic cigarette rage that is brewing under the surface:

“E-cigarettes are the newest vessel to help wean smokers off of the stick. Tech-savvy stars Dennis Quaid, Katherine Heigl, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kevin Connolly all updated their habits for the digital age”

You can travel in nearly any city right now where e cigarettes are welcomed, and where there are no vaping bans to prevent nicotine users from getting their fix. I love being able to walk literally anywhere I want and take a puff, and as a matter of fact, I took a few quick vapes in church last week.

My sister made the switch to vaping about a year ago, and she emailed me a couple of pics of her on the beach puffing away with her hot pink e cigarette. She seems to always be talking about how great it is to not have to worry about making anyone else sick with second hand smoke, and she loves that it she doesn’t have to deal with ash anymore. Since second hand water vapor has been shown to contain only about 1/1000th of the amount of cancer causing chemicals as real cigarettes and no offensive smell, it is really convenient for people who like to spend time at the beach.

Mel Gibson and Danny Bonaduce have given up cancer sticks for e cigarettes, and Lindsay Lohan even endorsed Blu Cigs a couple of months ago publicly. Hollywood industry insiders say that celebrities consider their friends and family that have made the switch to be more sophisticated, and it is refreshing to see people opting to use technology to make their lives healthier.

With all of the publicity in the media, in the medical community, and in Hollywood – it is truly amazing how many different designer e cigarettes that we have seen in the past couple of months. Most folks can find whatever vaping options they want now, including the new USB passthrough – which allows you to vape with any sort of AC power outlet – and the e cigarette portable charging case.

If you are like me, you probably just like being able to kick back on the couch – without having to worry about burn marks or accidentally catching your clothes on fire if you fall asleep.