Featuring Third-Party Blog Posts on Your Own Blog

While blog reading I have found it difficult to distinguish between a blogger’s own post about their own original party design and the featured parties that they highlight. Going to several blogs and seeing the very same parties posted 15 times becomes a bit confusing. When featuring another person’s blog/party do you think one photo and raving about it, including a link should be how we share… or including all of their photos? I have never featured anyone’s party on my own blog because I don’t want to confuse people by sharing so many photos and really want to give them a shout out and direct readers to the originators blog, etsy store or site.What do you guys think about all of this? I’m all for sharing information and showing off my online friend’s beautiful parties, giving credit where credit is due… but so much confusion ensues!

Personally, I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and think that what I feel is usually most appropriate is to pick a select few photos to feature and highlight some content about why you love the party design and then to offer a link to the original source for them to read / view the entire original post. What is confusing is sometimes where the posts are truly originated from since SO many parties get cross-posted over and over again. I contribute on www.partylikeakid.com and we mostly have been keeping our content to readers submissions that are directly sent to us, but have also featured a handful of other parties / ideas as well. It definitely does get confusing though and I think there is a fine line in some ways because you want to ensure that you are crediting the person who originally published the content or created the content in order to be fair and so that they are given the proper credit. Interesting to hear what others think and might be doing

I admit, I can be a party posting snob at times – if I’ve already seen it at 23 other blogs, then what’s the point? But then I have to remember that I actually do have some readers & email subscribers that do not go blog hopping every day and it’s all new to them! Also, my blog is as much a place to file away ideas for myself, as it is a place to inspire others so I enjoy having these posts in my own little space : )As to the other point to this topic: 1) I try to credit the original designer as early as possible in the post so it’s right out there in the beginning; 2) My links are highlighted a bright color so it pops against the other text; 3) I try not to “talk too much” in my posts anyway, so I usually direct readers to the original “to see more details.

I only run the format on my blog to feature one (rare occasion – 2) photos of a party and then link the rest to the source. My personal thoughts are let the person who posted the original shine and get the traffic to their site. My format is to cluster like parties together to help people for planning purposes. I respect those that are doing the full feature formats, because like Chris mentions, not everyone follows multiple blogs. For me, I follow over 1000 blogs (gasp!) and it does get confusing and redundant to see the same party on 20 sites within 2 days. Hard balance! my suggestion is to do what makes you feel best! I feel great about my format but I also know a lot of people feel very good about giving people a platform to show off their entire pics on their site, as well!

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